Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The son of Pique is a fan of Real Madrid

The Barcelona defender Gerard Pique does not hide his immense hatred towards the eternal enemy Real Madrid, but it doesn`t hurt to keep a jersey of the White Ballet at home.
The reason: his son Milan feels sympathy for Real Madrid and the superstar of the Spanish team, James Rodriguez. The sensational news was disclosed by the wife of the Colombian national Daniela Ospina, who maintains relations with the soul mate of Pique - the singer Shakira.
`Once in Barcelona, I met up with Shakira and her children. My daughter Salome was very happy, because she is a big fan of hers, and also I am. At one point, Shakira said to her son Milan "look, that is the daughter of James Rodriguez" and he told us he has his t-shirt`., revealed Daniela Ospina.

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