Monday, March 27, 2017

Luis Garcia: `Liverpool will play in the Champions League!`

The former Liverpool midfielder Luis Garcia did not express any doubt about the possibility Liverpool to qualify for a participation in the Champions League next season. According to the Spaniard, the players of Jurgen Klopp will retain his place in the top four by the end of the season to secure a return to the most commercial European football tournament from cricket predictions after a two-year pause.
`I think the chances of teams to qualify for the Champions League are very good. That was the goal at the beginning of the season and continues to be like that.`, said the Spaniard, who was a part of the team between 2004 and 2007.
`The team is ready for that challenge. It is true that there was a downturn at the beginning of the year, but I am sure their reaction after that is correct. Jurgen Klopp is the perfect manager for that purpose. We already know what he is capable of it with this team and we saw it very well in the first half of the season.`, Garcia said.
`I have no doubt that if the team continues working in the same way, at the end of the season it will be in the top 4.`, said the winner of the trophy in the Champions League in 2005.
The former player of the Merseysiders talked about the upcoming derby with Everton on Saturday.
`This game is always unpredictable. And it brought three points but is much different from anything else. Anything can happen, but I believe the players will want to win this game and take the three points.`, said Garcia, who had scored two goals in the Merseyside derby.
In the provisional standings in the Premier League, Liverpool takes the fourth place with 56 points, four more than Manchester United fifth, which, however, is with two games less.

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