Monday, October 3, 2016

Arsenal has more money than Real, Barca and FC Bayern

The financial statement of Arsenal came out and once again confirmed that the team has no problems with the budget.
Currently, Londoners have at their account 226.5 million pounds, which is more than the balance sheets of Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Bayern Munehen.
`Gooners` are still behind the Manchester United, whose account amounted to 229 million pounds.
`At the end of the year our reserve is 226.5 million and this will undoubtedly trigger speculation from fans and commentators. In this regard, I must say that after having cleaned up its obligations to other teams for old transfers and cover everything we need, the amount will drop to 149 million pounds.`, said the President of Arsenal.
`However, we not only gave 90 million for transfers but also a lot of money for salaries, premiums and taxes.`, said the President of Arsenal.

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