Friday, July 29, 2016

No one wants to take over Argentina

The senior coach of Sevilla, Jorge Sampaoli said he has rejected an offer to take over the national team of Argentina.
`I had a proposal from the President of the Argentine Football Federation to become the head coach of the national team, but rejected it because it would be irresponsible to Sevilla.`, Sampaoli said to the website of the Andalusians.
The Argentine specialist was appointed at the helm of Sevilla less than a month ago in place of Unaj Emery, who became the head coach of Paris Saint-Germain.
In 2015 and 2016, Sampaoli brought the national team of Chile to the title in the Copa America, the team beat Argentina in both finals on penalties.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Neymar is the best-paid football player in the world

Thanks to his new contract with Barcelona Neymar will not only earn more money than his teammate Lionel Messi but also by any other footballer on the planet, according to the press.
It became clear already why Neymar was in a hurry to sign a new agreement with the Catalans-the Brazilian managed to get the most expensive contract in the history of world football. Barcelona was ready to do everything to keep its star. Neymar had bargains from Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester United, as well as from the big rival of the Catalans in Spain-Real Madrid. Taking into account these circumstances, Barca had to agree to fulfill all conditions of Neymar.
He will now earn 25 million euros a year. That`s three million more than Messi currently receives.
One of the lawyers for the players - Marcos Motta announced: `Neymar and Barcelona reached an agreement and signed the biggest contract in the history of football.`
Wagner Ribeiro spoke similarly: `Neymar is the soccer player with the highest salary in football.`
Neymar can be purchased by another club for 200 million euros the first year after the signing, for 225 million at the second and for 250 million dollars at the third. For a 3-year career in Barcelona, Neymar took part in 141 games adviced by rugby tipster in which he scored 85 goals.