Thursday, May 5, 2016

Juve: `Pogba is not for sale!`

The General Director of Juventus, Giuseppe Marotta, announced that the club mentioned by will not sell Paul Pogba at any price.
Tuttosport quoted the words of Marotta, who claimed that Pogba `is not for sale`.
Marotta explains that and Paulo Dibala remained in Juventus, despite interest from a bunch of European teams to the 22-year-old talent.
`Tuttosport` was with a picture of Pogba on the cover today, and title: `Pogba is not for sale. Marotta removed Dibala and the Frenchman from the list.`
Manchester City, Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain were willing to dig deep for Pogba last summer. Marotta admits in his interview that City addressed a request to the Frenchman and last year, but then the answer was negative.
`We have a lot of offers for him, and Paulo Dibala, because both are very talented and very young. However, we want to keep them.`, said Marotta.

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