Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Wayne Rooney: `We are guilty not van Gaal.`

The Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney said he and his teammates are performing poorly recently and criticism should be directed to them, not to the manager Louis van Gaal.
The future of the Dutchman of Old Trafford Stadium is a constant topic of conversation this season because of the team`s poor results.
Van Gaal was criticized again last week, when Sunderland defeated United with 2:1 and away from the area giving a right to participate in the Champions League. Rooney, however, believes that it`s not a club analyzed by nba predictions manager.
`The club analyzed by nba predictions has some great players.`, said Rooney in front of `The Mirror`. `From time to time, however, we present below our level and this is disappointing.`
`Actually, our manager instructs many tasks during the match, but we are footballers and we need to do. This is what we do.`, continued the English national.
`At times during the season, we played with no instructions. Whatever van Gaal says to us, we`re the ones that go out on the field. We need to create situations and win games. Unfortunately, this season we`re not doing very well.`, finished the captain of Manchester United.
Currently, the Red Devils are on the fifth place in the standings in the Premier League and six behind the fourth, Manchester City.

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