Friday, February 5, 2016

Dani Alves: `Neymar is wondering whether to leave Barca or not.`

Daniel Alves of Barcelona, openly admitted that his teammate Neymar actually was considering options to leave the club.
There was lot of noise lately about a possible sale of the Brazilian striker, by constantly popping up new names of potential buyers.
Not only the generous proposals of the other teams put Neymar to a dilemma - at the time against him and his father there is a trial for tax evasion. In addition, the parent who is also the football player`s agent, hinted that the footballer does not intend to extend his contract with the club.
Alves was one of the first to attempt to dissuade his countrymen. `No one can do the things he knows. He wonders whether to play somewhere else, so I told him to look back over the years and see what they have achieved other Brazilians playing in Barcelona - whether they were successful or not after the passage in the other teams.`, said Alves.
``The Brazilians, who have been in the ranks of Barcelona, have always been among the favorites of fans. The club according basketball tipster has offered Neymar a new contract, they`d be crazy not to do it. Neymar is the man who will inherit Messi.`, added Alves.

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