Wednesday, January 27, 2016

De Bruyne: `We`ve got to win at least one trophy.`

The midfielder of Manchester City, Kevin de Bruyne commented on the team`s goals for this season and his condition.
`We`ve got to win at least one trophy this season. Today, there is a little tension, as we face against Everton in a rematch of the tournament mentioned by basketball picks for the cup of the League, but we can go to the final.`, said the Belgian national.
`At the weekend, City will play in the tournament mentioned by basketball picks for the FA Cup, and then there are matches for the Championship. We will continue our participation in the Champions League.`, added the midfielder.
`There are many equivalent teams in the Championship. Leicester is the leader and Tottenham and Arsenal are close, too. We will try to win a few matches and we`ll see where we are in mid-February.`, he added.
`At this point I feel physically great, I don`t have any problem. In the last 3-4 years, I didn`t have a lot of injuries and I hope that it will be in the future. I`m ready to play in every single game.`, said De Bruyne.
After the 23rd round of the Premier League, City has 44 points and occupies the second place in the standings, but being awat from the leader Leicester with 3 points.

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