Friday, October 30, 2015

Mourinho will be sitting on the bench for the match with Liverpool

The manager of Chelsea, Jose Mourinho, received a bonus for the match predicted by basketball tips with Liverpool. Although expected to be punished for their behaviour during the match predicted by basketball tips with West Ham, he looks like he will sit on the bench against Merseysiders.
He was threatened with the deprivation of a right to match predicted by basketball tips is even at the stadium because of the constant protests in their battle with the Knicks. But officials from the FA, that penalty will not befall him for Saturday`s match.
The battle with Liverpool starting at 12:45 PM BST. But the meeting of the Commission, which will hear the explanations of the Portuguese, is scheduled for some time later.
So even if you took the penalty, what is the expectation of everyone on the island, it will enter into force for the next battle of Chelsea. And that might not be for Mourinho, as it is very likely to be fired if the Blues don`t win against Merseysiders.

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