Thursday, July 16, 2015

Valero: `I was surprised that Montella left.`

The playmaker of Fiorentina Borja Valero said that he didn`t expect a breakup with coach Vincenzo Montella.
The Italian was fired after conflicts with management regarding his contract. The coach wanted to obtain certain guarantees for investments by the bosses, but not get any, declined to renew his contract. So the head of `Violet` stood the Portuguese national Paulo Sousa.
`We were surprised.`, said Valero. `This is football. Things are changing. We have a new coach, to see how it plays out. Mr. Sousa is very expressive, talk a lot during practice.`
`There are a lot of new things to what we did in Montella. There are differences, we train hard and we have a long time before the start of the season.`
`We have to do better than the last campaign, and for that we need, and good luck.`, added the former player of Villarreal.

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