Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Thomas Mueller: `Ignore the gossip, I`m staying at Bayern!`

The star of Bayern Munich, Thomas Mueller once again assured fans that he does not intend to leave the German champions.
During the last month, circling rumours began that the striker is close to a transfer to Manchester United along with his teammate Bastian Schweinsteiger. The speculation left mainly because of the shape of the Manager Louis van Gaal, who works together with the two during their stay with the Bavarians.
Mueller apparently is not interested to change the Bundesliga with Premier League given the fact that there is a contract for other four years with Bayern. `When the offer arrives, you must transfer automatically to handle it.`, commented the adolescents of the club. `A proposal from another big club predicted by basketball predictions is a real honor and recognition for playing well. However, I feel well in Bayern and I have a contract until 2019. It is better to ignore the speculation.`
`At the Bayern midfield are those players that will be most beneficial for the club. Another thing that you can get recognition within the top team is more difficult for a player from the school. When a team they bought, your submission becomes his responsibility, because they are just a lot of money. paid. The club predicted by basketball predictions trusts you. On the other hand, if you`re already a part of this team, the club predicted by basketball predictions is usually supposed to stay. That is not difficult to prove every season, but this is due to the fact that my position on the field is quite clear.`
`However, it is good every year new players to come at Bayern and battle locations as starting from scratch.`, completed Mueller.

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