Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A special greeting to Bozhinov raised the mood in Partizan

The footballers and Partizan Belgrade Headquarters arrived in excellent spirits in the Romanian capital Bucharest. The reason for this turned out to be the attitude of the crew of the plane relative to the players of Serbian champions and in particular to Valeri Bozhinov.
The second pilot on the plane turned out to be an Italian, who is familiar with the excellent performances of the Bulgarian striker.
'The second pilot of the plane was Italian and wants especially to greet Valeri Bozhinov. He respects him very much because of his good games analyzed by football tips in the Italian Championship.`, was heard immediately before the flight from the microphone in the cockpit.
The message was accepted with applause from everyone on the plane, as even the players of Partizan were joking, that is whether the 50 euros per pilot, to utter those words.
A poignant scene occurred shortly before the flight of the Serbs. The captain of the plane asked all the players along with the team`s coach Zoran Milinkovic gave autographs that are meant for the child of a colleague who died in 1999 in the air have died defending Serbia from bombing.
Partizan was released Wednesday night against Romanian champion Steaua, in a match of the third qualifying round of the Champions League.

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