Monday, December 15, 2014

How To Do Basketball Picks For a Quarter or Half-time of a Match

When it comes to sports betting, most of you think mostly of predicting the final outcome of the particular game. Well, that is not always the point. Yes, many of you may be good in doing basketball picks, regarding the final result of the match, but you should not neglect the other opportunities you have. We don’t mean the various betting options that various online bookies offer; we do mean that doing basketball tips, regarding the quarter or half-time result, could be quite profitable as well. Here are some useful pieces of advice from BasketballPredictions:
  • Not every bookmaker offers bets for every quarter separately, but still they give you the chance to do some basketball predictions for the outcome of the first quarter and the half-time (which includes both the first and the second halves). If the event is in the so-called live score section, then you have even more options than usual. You have to read the rules of the certain bookie carefully, so you will ensure yourself if the additional playing time is included in the second half and the last quarter. Usually, the bookies do not include it, but you have to be certain about that;
  • That type of betting gives you the great chance to cover your losses for real. There is a kind of unwritten rule in gambling that you should not try to cover losses because it will lead to even bigger ones. But when you are watching the basketball match live stream, you become able to see whether the things are going well or badly for your chosen team. In case, the things are going badly for real, you may bet against that team. Of course, there is always a risk to lose that bet, so play responsibly;
  • Additional earnings – after you have seen that everything is going well or to put it simply: after you have seen that your chosen basketball team, undoubtedly, is going to win the game, you may afford betting with some more cash for the next part of the game or the final result;
  • Use NBA trends – normally, the losing team at the half-time becomes more motivated. It often happens that this team wins the third quarter. Another curious fact is that rarely one team wins all four parts of the match. Anyway, remember that the bookmakers also know those tendencies and are going to change the odds, in accordance with them.
If you are going to try out that unusual type of betting, go ahead! All that remains is to wish you really good luck and big profit!

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