Thursday, December 4, 2014

Basketball betting – pieces of advice

In that article we are not going to tell you how to bet, but the opposite – we will give you some tips on what to avoid when you prepare your own basketball tips. Perhaps most of the things you are going to read will sound somehow familiar to you. The most important thing is to follow those ‘rules’ in order not to lose your money. Check out what they have for you:

  • Be disciplined. You must choose a certain betting system or strategy and stick to it. You should determine money limits as well and never cross that limit;
  • Losses will happen inevitably. So, when you lose, it is essential to keep your self-control. There is a huge likeliness for your decision to be clouded by your temporary emotional condition. Don’t allow that because such a behavior will lead to bigger losses, which mean even bigger problems for you in the long run;
  • If it is possible, you’d better avoid sporting events, in which one of the teams playing is a great favorite of the audience. That says you should never play on the side of the masses. Think about that logically – in case more than 70% of the punters bet on a victory of a certain team, it means that the bookies are almost going to go bankrupt at the moment they will have to pay to all winners. And after all, the bookmakers understand the game better than anyone else. In order to win, you’d better take some time and do your own basketball picks;
  • Learn more about the chain bets. Those stakes are related to each other. It means that you don’t have to bet on the same event and use different options. For instance, do not ever do basketball predictions for both the result of the half-time and the final outcome. In case you don’t guess correctly the first one, that reduces your winning chances for the second one as well;
  • Yes, we know that live score betting is so exciting and thrilling. However, Basketball-Predictions advise you to limit using that option in the bookmakers to the minimum. The constant changing of the odds offered and doing it for a short time is the actual trick of the bookies online. It makes you feel that you have to place your bet now or never;
  • In case you see odds (or something else) which seem too nice to be true, then you should know that they probably are not real. It is not a secret to anybody that many bookies have insiders, so they maybe know much more than you. 

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