Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Basketball forecasts – ‘rules’ for beginners

Various betting strategies and systems are often used by punters. They help for reduction of the risk and therefore increase your winning chances significantly. Yes, using systems is a good idea. Once you decide to do it, you will see that for yourself. There is a wide range of betting strategies, which is almost a guarantee that every player will find a system or a strategy which suits her or his betting style. Some strategies are more complicated than the others, some are not. In fact, there is no need to be an expert to do correct basketball picks. You should have particular knowledge about the sport and both teams playing in the certain upcoming match.  have decided to make it easy for all of you, so there is a list of certain ‘rules’ you have to follow. Actually, it is almost a mandatory for all beginners in sports betting or online gambling, in general. Here they have decided to make it easy for all of you, so there is a list of certain ‘rules’ you have to follow. Actually, it is almost a mandatory for all beginners in sports betting or online gambling, in general. Here they are:

  • Pick just one basketball event and concentrate on analysing both teams; 
  • Take some time to read articles, reviews and news about the performance of both teams in their last matches and during the whole season as well. Compare their current performance to the one in the previous gaming seasons. You have to research well not only your favourite but both teams. That rule has no exception in order you want to do a reliable basketball prediction; 
  • Find some information about the starting lineups of the teams as well as punished or injured players. It often happens that missing of one player only is a crucial factor to the outcome of the match; Understand what the aims of both teams are – whether they want to rank in the first three teams in the standing, etc. It is very important to know if the teams are going to play for eliminations out of the particular group. It is always quite interesting and unpredictable match, when direct rivals are playing each other;
  • Find some stats for the certain basketball event. It would be good for you to read some basketball tips, made from professionals in the area; 
  • Set your time and money limit and never be too emotional. In case you lose, you should not despair at all. Instead of being sad and frustrated, you should do some analyses and therefore understand what your mistakes were. So, you would know what to avoid next time. 

In case you want to win in the long run, you should keep some statistics on your bets placed by the time. Gamble responsibly and enjoy that great game – the basketball!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Basketball predictions – how to overcome losses

If you have been betting on basketball games long enough (or any other sport), probably you have had any bad series of losses. You should know that they are unavoidable. No matter how good you are in basketball predictions, how long you gamble there will be periods in which bet will not be profitable. You will lose due to injuries, due to the expulsion of a player for technical violations or any other reasons. Your team will drop a dozen points for 3-4 minutes. Your ability to deal with a long series of losses (3 or more games) will determine your success rate in the long term period.

Hopefully, you have realized that everyone can enjoy a winning streak but it is much more important is to be able to ‘survive’ the losses. If you don't manage properly your losses, then you may soon find yourself without any funds for betting. The most
important thing is to be prepared that the series of losses will occur regularly. Once you have accepted that, you should know that you don't have to change your way of making basketball tips.

If you have your own betting strategy, which has worked well for many years until now, you do not need to change it, because it can make the losing streak even longer. The right thing to do in the event of a bad series is to reduce the size of the bet, so
that will give you more time. Do not increase the number of the matches you bet on. Otherwise, that means you will have to make basketball picks for situations, which are not typical for your style of betting.

If you bet on more matches, and they are in different times, then wait for the outcome of the first one, before you make the next bet. If your first basketball forecast is successful, you can give yourself a short break, to gain the psychological confidence that you have a profitable day. Your brain automatically responds, causing you to accept the end of the series. The ability to take a rest day will also saves you. It is not necessary to become as the so-called chasers who cannot be calm and strive to kill
off losses quickly and immediately. Usually the effect is just the opposite, the losses are increasing. It's much better to have to recover 10 or 20 percent of your funds, than 50! If none of the above recommendations from

Monday, November 3, 2014

Basketball Picks

You don't have to be an expert to make successful basketball picks. In fact, there is nothing complicated about it. The local bookmakers provide you with a wide range of variants how to gamble in the right way.

If you want to predict who will win a certain match, there are usually two options for you. The first one is to choose between the both teams, with no option for an equal final result. The other variant gives you the chance to bet on the three outcomes possible. In addition, there are various betting options, which you may find online. The most attractive and interesting ones are the following:

 • Over/under 'X' points – the bookie announces a certain number and you have to guess whether both teams will score more points than this number or not.

• Over/under 'X' points for a half-time – it is the same as the one we have explained above, but regarding the half-time

• Over/under 'X' points for the quarter – the same as the previous two, the difference is that it's about one of the quarters;

 • Guess in which half of the match, the players will score more points; • Guess in which quarter the teams will mark the largest number of points; • Guess whether the total number of points will be odd or even number;

 • Which of the two teams will score the first point in the match;

 • Which of the two teams will score the last point in the match;

• Which one of the two players, previously claimed by the bookmaker, will realize more points.

Except basketball predictions for individual matches, you can gamble and for leagues or tournaments. We could even say that this is the safest way for sports betting. Every team, which is weaker than the others can make a surprise and defeat, but in general the championships are won by the top-class teams. Nowadays, most bookmakers offer the exciting opportunity to bet on a game in real time, that is the so-called live score betting.

The advice of is not to bet on teams, which played in the last 2-3 days. Fatigue severely affects basketball players, and if they are not in good physical condition, then it is more likely the team to lose. However keep in mind that these things undoubtedly are considered by the people, who make up the odds; Try to find valuable bets. Some people think that the bookmakers are perfect in preparing basketball tips, but that is not true every time. The difference between the winner and the loser is that winning gambling is not betting on a lot of matches, but only on those which have the highest probability to be predicted correctly.